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Emergency Issues

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Occasional Leaks (e.g. through ceilings)
This is probably from an appliance like a shower, faucet or toilet. Do not use the suspected appliance until RHAMCO has investigated. Be careful that water is not flowing over the edge of the shower or bath. Occasional leaks could also be rain coming in from the roof in which case the roof will need repairing.

Constant Leaks – Burst Pipes
This is very rare, but if it does happen FIRST turn OFF the main water line. THEN turn ON as many faucets in the house as possible to try and reduce the water pressure to minimize the amount of water escaping from the problem area.

Washers, Dryers or Dishwashers
Switch the appliance off at the machine. If the leak continues turn the valve that allows water into the appliance off, typically located either behind the appliance or underneath the sink. Try to mop up as much of the water as possible. You may need to pull the appliance out from the wall to access the valve fitted behind it. If water drips from a ceiling place any available container underneath to minimize the damage. If a bubble occurs at the point of the leak put a small hole through the bubble and catch the sitting water. Releasing water from the bubble will keep the ceiling from collapsing in.


If you lose your keys:
Contact a roommate to let you in then contact RHAMCO’s office for a replacement.

*Fees may apply for a replacement key


If you can smell gas:
Open the windows in the room where you smell the gas. Get out of the house immediately and contact your building manager. They will give you further instructions on how to handle the situation. ** If you’re unable to reach building manager contact Con Edison

If there is no gas:
Go to a neighbor and see if there is a problem in the area or if it’s just your property. If it is just your property call your building manager.


There is no electricity:
Go to the fuse box in your house (normally in the basement). If any of the switches are down, push them back up again. If the switches continually trip there is a problem – avoid using the outlets that are causing the problem. Check with your neighbors to see if there is a problem in the area. If it’s your house only, call your building manager. If it’s a neighborhood issue, please call Con Edison at (877) 262-6633. IF SO CALL THE ELECTRICITY COMPANY: Con Edison (877) 262-6633


Toilets usually become blocked by flushing feminine products, sanitary towels, face wipes, cotton swabs, and so on. In order to avoid this problem, avoid doing this. Please contact your building manager and he will arrange for plumber.

If your toilet remains running after flushing there is a problem! Try to jiggle the handle to make the tank refill and stop the water from running. If this doesn’t work please contact your building manager immediately. Please do not let the water just run! Negligence in this manner are very costly and can result in a charge to you and your roommates!!

Baths, Showers and Sinks
Baths, showers and sinks usually become blocked with hair. Try to be very careful not to let hair and other materials go down the drain. Use a draining product to solve the problem. You can buy this at your local supermarkets/hardware stores. If the problem persists please call your building manager.