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Please select or scroll down to any of the topics below to read some common questions from our tenants:


How do I schedule a time to view a student housing property?
Email or Call us at RHAMCO and we will do our best to find a time that works best with you and or your group.

Does everyone interested in the apartment need to come to the viewing?<
Ideally, yes. During the busy viewing season (October-February) this is often not time to do multiple viewings for the same group. You also risk losing the property/room you love to another full group if you are not all ready to make a decision.

Booking/Reserving a Room or Apartment

Can I reserve an apartment or house without seeing it?
Yes, contact RHAMCO for more information or apply online in our availabilities tab.

Can I hold an apartment or house until I can see it?
No, all rentals are based on a first come first serve policy. A fully executed lease with certified funds is the only way to lock up a house or apt.

Renewing Your Rental

Can I rent my apartment or house for another year?
Yes, upon a good tenant history you may be eligible for renewal.

What are the fees for renewing my lease?
There are no renewal fees unless you are changing roommates.

My roommates have changed can I still renew my lease?
Your new roommate will have to apply and assume the security deposit of your previous roommate.

Do I need to sign a new lease?
Yes, anyone renewing their rental must sign a new lease.

Will my rent stay the same?
Most free market rents stay the same but are subject to landlord approval.


Is there a security deposit required?
Yes usually one month’s rent.

Can I pay my rent in advance?
Yes. There are discounts available for 6months (2.5% discount) paid in advance and 12 months (5% discount)paid in advance.

Why do I have to pay for the months prior to the day I move in?
Leases cannot be executed by management unless payments in certified funds are made.

How do I pay Rent?
Online through your tenant portal.

Late payments?
Yes, please refer to your lease for more information.

How do I know you received my rent?
You can receive an emailed ledger or view through your online portal.

Move In

When can I move in?
You can move in starting the day your lease begins.

How do I get my keys?
You will receive your keys at the time of your move in inspection.

Will you take an inventory of the room/apartment/house before I move in?
Yes. See uploaded form for more details.


What is a Guarantor?
Is your co-signer, typically a parent, responsible for yourrent. If you do not have a co-signer, proof of your income is necessary or prepayment of rent. (insure rent)

Why is the amount for the Guarantor so much more then my monthly rent?
The Guarantor is held responsible for the full terms rent.
Example: Rent is $800; lease is for 12 months for a total of $9,600.

Will my Guarantor be held responsible if my roommates do not pay their rent?
No, your guarantor is only responsible for your share of the rent

Utility Bills

Does RHAMCO have a utility package?
No, each property is set up differently.

What are the utility fees?
Each property and unit is different. Fee’s are subject to your property.

My lease begins in June but I don’t move in till August. Am I responsible for the utilities while I’m not there?
There is a minimum fee charged by the utility company you are responsible for paying until you are fully using the services.

Waste & Recycling

When is trash/recycling pick up?
Trash/recycling must be taken out the night before scheduled pickup. Please log on to or call 311 from your apartment and ask when routine pick up is for your house and special pickups are for bulk items. Please note that all mattresses must be covered with plastic before disposing on the sidewalk. All sanitation violations are the responsibility of the tenant and will be deducted from your security deposit if not paid.

What do I recycle?
Please log on to for a full list.

Move Out

How do I schedule a time to move out?
Call your building manager to schedule the moveout(provide downloadable form)

What do I do with my keys?
Keys are returned to the building manager after the move out inspection. (Or fedex form)Download Key form here?:

When will you return my security deposit?
30-45 days after the last person has vacated the property. The amount of security refunded will be based on the condition of the apartment.

If I’m leaving before my roommates will I be held responsible for any mess of damages that occur after I leave?
Yes you will be responsible for any damages until the last person moves out.

What do move out inspections entail?
Click on the link to view an estimate on specific items. download form
We use an online application during your move out process
Photos are taken for records
(download form)

Terminating My Lease

I’ve moved in but I need to leave before my lease is up, what do I do?
You are responsible for the full term of your lease. However if you can find a suitable replacement we will consider that replacement as a sublet.

One of my roommates is moving out – will we be held responsible for their portion of the rent?
Each roommate is responsible for their own portion of the rent but you can be faced with eviction if another roommate is not found to sublet or payment plan is not agreed to.

How do I find someone to replace an old roommate?
You are responsible for finding your own roommates. Use online resources or go through your Fordham’s Residential Life. Social networking is another way of connecting with possible roommates.

What do I do once I’ve found a replacement?
Contact your building manager. (download form)

Is there a fee for ending my lease early?
When ending your lease early you are still responsible for paying the remaining term of your rent, no additional fees are added outside of this.